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Silicone Enhanced Developer for Ultra Vivid Color 6oz

Provides Optimal Shine and Conditioning 

Developer Volume : 10 (when the color you chose is darker or similar to the natural hair color)

                                  20 (for most of the color, tone-on-tone or lift up two levels of the natural hair color)

                                  30 (for lighter color, to lift up three levels of natural color)

                                  40 (strongest result for lightest color, upto 4 levels lighter than the natural hair color)

                                  CG (Cover Grey, special concentrated formula based micro-color molecules to color deep and cover grey)

Direction: Choose your color according to the color chart.  Mix 1 tube of desired color (sold separately) with 1 whole bottle of appropriate developer 

1:2 (color : developer) ratio if you are not using the whole tube/bottle

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