Kenra Styling Products

Kenra is one of the best hair styling product brands known for its professional approach in hairstyling that makes it a perfect fit for hairstylists. In 2012, Kenra received its first Stylist Choice Award through the Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray, from there, Kenra worked harder to provide stylists with the best hairstyling prodcuts that would complement their skills and satisfy their clients.


Here is Kenra's list of hair styling products that the stylists recommend:


1. Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

Speaking of this champ, Blow-Dry Spray is best for medium to coarse hair or those with wavy or curly hair. Use this hair styling poduct before blow dry because it works by reducing your blow-dry time by half. This does not only save you time but also protects your hair from extreme damage caused by heat styling. Its light formulation can detangle, soften, and smoothen the hair. Expect long-lasting, healthy-looking results from using this styler.

2. Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist

Always be camera ready by instantly restoring your brilliant and shiny hair with Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist. This is helpful in taming frizz and fly-aways to achieve and maintain your desired look for the day. The Silkening Mist is a hair styling poduct for humidity and not just good on the outside. It will also equip your hair with humidity protection and repair split ends in every use. 

3. Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray 6

Do you want your hair straight but not too flat? It’s difficult to explain but Kenra knows what exactly is on your mind. This styler will increase and emphasize your hair’s fullness. If you are in a search for a hairstyling product that will give you a dry look, Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray can absorb oil and impurities, leaving your hair with a non-greasy and matte finish look. The ultra light-weight, non-drying formulation of Dry Texture Spray can provide flexible hold up to 48 hours. Apply it before and after styling for maximum hold. 

4. Kenra Texturizing Mist 6

Boost your hair’s fullness and increase its natural and touchable hold with the non-drying formulation of the Texturizing Mist. This ultra-lightweight mist boosts texture and fullness by up to 156%.  You can apply this styler once as it can protect the hair from the humid surroundings up to 24 hours! Or reapply as you desire because it gives the hair a matte-finish and flake-free look. Indeed the best hair styling product for dandruff prone women. 

5. Kenra Professional Thermal Styling Spray 19

Isn’t it annoying to cook a pancake without butter because it kept on sticking on to the pan? It’s the same with styling the hair. When the hair is too dry or rubberized, it is more difficult to style it with a curler or straightening iron and achieve a clean and finish look. 

The Thermal Styling Spray 19 is your power hair styler. It provides firm hold and styling control for hair styling tools like curlers and irons. The non-stick formula will give you a clean style that is free from fly-aways and frizz. Its thermal protection will leave your hair a shiny look even after the heat styling. 


6. Kenra Volume Spray 25

It’s already a thing of the past when you thought bouncy yet tamed hair is only seen on MTVs. With Kenra’s Iconic Volume Spray 25, you can achieve a volumized, lightweight yet wind-resistant hair that can last all day! Kenra's iconic volume spray is the best hair styling product to hold curls or any desired style because it can provide a maximum hold up to 5 days and humidity protection for 24 hours. Complete your iconic look with a final touch of Kenra Volume Spray without worrying from a flaky mess. 


7. Kenra Silkening Heat Creme

Heat styling can be too exhausting for you and your hair as it usually takes a lot of time to finish the desired look. The Silkening Heat Creme is every hair type’s styling hero. It has a nutrient-dense nut oil that prevents hair breakage and boosts manageability which reduces the styling time. It also acts as heat protection up to 540F.

8. Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13

Ordinary stylers that promise to provide hold can leave the hair sticky and stiff. Kenra addresses this styling problem with Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13. It's fast-drying and non-stick formula provides a touchable and brush-through hold, giving the stylist full control over the hair. This spray can give you unexpected shiny hair.

9. Kenra Luxe One Leave-In Spray

Why choose when we can have it all in one professional hair styling product? Kenra Luxe One Leave-In Spray is an all-in-one miracle spray enriched with gold for an opulent slip and lustrous shine. It releases fine mist for easy distribution and can serve as a cutting lotion after cleansing or when refreshing a dull style. It leaves hair with stunning silky touch and protects the hair up to 450F of damaging heat.

10. Kenra Platinum Thickening Glaze

Glaze your hair with the lightweight goodness of Kenra Platinum Thickening Glaze. You can use this alone or layer it with other stylers to achieve a volumized and thick-looking hair. This conditioning creme adds dimensions to blowout and revitalizes the hair in every use. 


11. Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss

We’re moving on from our old greasy hair stylers that do nothing else aside from
giving us shiny hair. The Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss protects the hair from humid weather and smoothes flyaways while leaving the hair with optimum shine. Apply it before using hot styling tools for best protection.

Kenra received its second Stylist CHoice Award in 2016 when Kenra Volume 25 was chosen as the Favorite Hairspray of the year. This only proves that Kenra is consistently doing its mission to professionally support every stylist in satisfying their clients. Who knows? Even the stylist in you will approve these Kenra stylers once you got your hands on them.