Redken Collections
The Redken ALL SOFT COLLECTION πŸ’› This line aims to cleanse, restore, and soften your dry, brittle hair leaving it silky-soft as if you just walked out of a salon!
Redken All Soft Collection
The Redken ALL SOFT MEGA COLLECTION 🀎 This line aims to hydrate and strengthen medium to thick hair without causing further damage. Improves manageability and leaves it with a soft and shiny finish!
Redken All Soft Mega Collection
The Redken COLOR EXTEND MAGNETIC COLLECTION πŸ’— This line aims to cleanse and protect your dyed hair without stripping off color. It locks the vibrancy in so you'll have lasting hair color with mirror-like shine!
Redken Color Extend Magnetic Collection
The Redken COLOR EXTEND BLONDAGE COLLECTION πŸ’œ This line aims to tone and brighten your beautiful blonde hair. With a purple toning formula, it helps correct and neutralize unwanted yellow undertones even in the brassiest condition!
Redken Color Extend Blondage Collection
The Redken EXTREME COLLECTION πŸ’™ This line aims to cleanse, strengthen and restore damage to fix past mistakes and prevent future breakage. With this fixer-upper, it's never too late!
Redken Extreme Collection
The Redken EXTREME LENGTH COLLECTION πŸ’š This line aims to help your hair's growth by strengthening your hair from root to the tip. The best part? It reduces at least 81% of breakage when used as a complete system. Grow your hair not only with length but also with health!
Redken Extreme Length Collection
The Redken ACIDIC BONDING COLLECTION 🀍 This line aims to hydrate, strengthen and restore your strands from damage and dryness. With the Citric Acid formula, expect immediate visible results!
Redken Acidic Bonding Collection
The Redken FRIZZ DISMISS COLLECTION 🧑 This line aims to protect your strands from humidity without stripping it away. With Redken's Smoothing Complex expect frizz-free, smooth and shiny hair!
Redken Frizz Dismiss Collection