Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatment For Women 2oz / 60ml

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  • Active Ingredient: Minoxidil 2% w/v
  • Inactive Ingredients: alcohol (30% w/v), propylene glycol, purified water.


  • When applying BosleyMD Hair Regrowth Treatment, make sure the medicine comes in direct contact with the scalp.
  • The medicine will not work if it is sprayed only on your hair and does not reach your scalp.
  • Carefully follow the instructions below to use the child-resistant sprayer pump to apply BosleyMD Hair Regrowth Treatment.
  • Remove the bottle of BosleyMD Hair Regrowth Treatment from the carton.
  • Firmly hold the bottle upright with the turning wheel on the back of the bottle facing you.
  • Push in the small tab located to the bottom right of the turning wheel.
  • While holding the tab in, press down on the top of the sprayer and turn the upper part of the sprayer with the turning wheel to the left until the spray nozzle is centered between the beveled grooves on the front of the bottle.
  • Then prime the sprayer by holding the bottle upright and pumping the sprayer 5 times to ensure delivery of a full spray.
  • Be careful not to inhale the mist.
  • Aim the sprayer at your area of thinning hair or hair loss and pump the sprayer 6 times to apply a 1 mL dose twice a day.
  • After applying BosleyMD Hair Regrowth Treatment, use the turning wheel to turn the sprayer cap back to the right to release the tab which places the sprayer nozzle behind the sprayer cap wall.
  • Make sure the sprayer cannot be pushed or pumped before putting the bottle away.

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Melanie H.

So I have had thinning hair for sometime now. Baldness runs in my family for the men and women and I have been stressed over my noticeably thinning hair. I had used women's Rogaine and Nioxin for years now and it has helped but once you stop, so does the regrowth. I finally went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with alopecia, I am taking medication to help BUT monoxil is still recommended to take and works hand in hand with the medication I am taking. Nioxin, Bosely, and Rogaine have the same exact ingredients and percentage of monoxil but the difference is the price and application. Out of the 3, I prefer Bosely because the application is a spray, you spray your concern areas and there you go! No residue or makes your hair look greasy. Nioxin out of the 3 products is messy! The application is a suction tube and when you put it on your head the formula runs down the sides and at times has went in my eyes. Rogaine is a foam but leaves a residue in your hair, overall, I just prefer Bosely. You just have to be patient with these products and won't see drastic results till 6 months or so.

Barb D.

I'm seeing results and fullness to my hair, the chemo destroyed it, and after it came back it was lifeless. I use the Bosley products and they have made a great change in the body & fullness & shine. The regrowth is adding to the fullness, and I love the applicator, I can put it on specific spots which is VERY useful.