John Paul Mitchell Systems Keratriplex Treatment

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Transform Broken, Brittle Strands Into Pillars Of Strength 

This liquid formula of isolated proteins is virtually identical to the keratin found in human hair. A single ampoule of KeraTriplex® Treatment rebuilds fragile locks, helps prevent color fade and improves shine, while Keratin Intensive Treatment® restores their super-soft texture.


Color-Treated and Chemically Treated Hair:
- Shampoo with Moisturizing Lather Shampoo
- Apply KeraTriplex Treatment for 5 minutes
- Apply Keratin Intensive Treatment
- Process under heat for 10 minutes
- Rinse
- Style as desired


Keratin/Hydrolyzed Keratin/Oxidized Keratin: This unique blend of keratin proteins has varying molecular weights to allow penetration into the cortex to restore strength, repair the cuticle layer and bind to the surface to prevent further damage; the keratin we use is the closest in structure to human hair, meaning that the order of amino acids is nearly identical; if you imagine the teeth of a zipper, where one side is the human hair structure and the other is KeraTriplex, the alignment is so closely matched that they literally “zip” and form a tight bond within the structure of the hair itself.

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