Achieve that Salon-finish Hair Color with Olaplex's Professional Kit

Pre-Olaplex Era

Women love exploring different hair colors as if searching for the shade that would perfectly fit their facial shape and complexion. While there are some who just want to achieve a blonde or unicorn color at least once in their life. However, that isn’t always the case for those who can’t afford to go to the salon to have their hair treated at least once a month. 

Since I first had my hair colored, my hair never went back to Black again. I would try a different color each time but I was afraid to do it myself because I don’t want to compromise my crowning glory for a much cheaper expense. I cannot deny that my salon expenses also increase as time goes by. I spent so much on my hair that I actually started having separate savings dedicated for my keratin treatments. Funny but true. if I was given a chance and if I only had the courage, I would do my colored hair treatments at home.

All of this is now a problem of the past because of Olaplex. Olaplex used to be exclusive in Salons but did you know that they now offer a kit for you to try at home? Olaplex is every woman’s at-home salon kit that does not overpromise but just practically does its job. 

Olaplex  for flawless Hair

The Magic of Olaplex No. 1 Explained

Our hair contains millions of disulfide bonds. When our hair is being dyed, those disulfide bonds within our hair fiber momentarily split up to absorb the color and achieve our desired shade.This is also the why, in spite of showing a sample photo to our hairstylist, they still could not achieve the lightness of the color that we like because they are afraid that our hair strands might end up getting rubberized. So instead of being scolded by a woman with a golden rubberized hair, they choose to take precautions.

Olaplex 1 is directly mixed to the hair bleach or hair dye to protect our hair during the dyeing process. It works by bridging those broken bonds in our hair, keeping it strong and protected while the hair color is taking effect. With the magic of Olaplex, you can achieve the lightest blonde or even the most vibrant color that you’ve been wanting on your head without worrying about the consequences. You can easily do this with Olaplex colored hair home remedy version. 

The Finishing Touches of Olaplex No. 2

After almost an hour or more of sitting down and waiting for your dyed hair to achieve its best state, rinse it as usual with water and apply the Olaplex 2. The Olaplex 2 completes the dyeing process by securing the bonds left broken giving your hair a strong, shiny and healthy feature at a maximum level. The Olaplex No. 2 is best used post-dye and before shampooing your hair.

The best thing about Olaplex is that they offer three different sizes of the Olaplex No. 1 and No. 2 kit:

Olaplex Single Use Pack
Olaplex Single Use Pack No.1 & No.2

If you are new to the Olaplex craze, you may try the single use pack. This includes 4 ml of Olaplex No.1 Bond Multiplier and 15 ml of Olaplex No. 2 Bond Perfector


Olaplex Bonder Kit For Hair Color

Can’t get enough of this Olaplex goodness? Then get the bonder kit! This colored hair care includes 100 ml of Olaplex No. 1 and 2 bottles of Olaplex No. 2 in 100 ml. 

Olaplex Bonder Kit - Salon Size

They said that buying in bulk is always a good idea. Aside from you can save a lot, it can also save you from the hassle of running out of your favorite hair maintenance. Get this colored hair kit and receive 1 bottle of Olaplex No. 1 in 525 ml and 2 bottles of Olaplex No. 2 in 525 ml.

Here’s the bonus thing. Did you know that Olaplex also has Olaplex Daily Care? It includes colored hair daily shampoo and conditioner to level up your daily hair cleansing and conditioning. Consider it more like your hair vitamins that's keeping your dyed hair healthy. These are also available in 3 sizes. This is recommended if you frequently dye your hair.

Nothing is more worth it than understanding how we benefit from the products that we use. Olaplex made it easy for us to use and understand their products while it complicatedly worked on our hair strands. 

The salon secret has been revealed! The good news that comes after this is knowing that you can now easily achieve that celebrity-looking hair you only see in movies and fashion shows with the use of Olaplex colored hair bundles.