Ikoo E-styler Brush

There have been a lot of arguments whether hair brush or hair comb is better. While we are being offered with options, we should understand that both have advantages and are only bad when used the wrong way.

For the meantime, we will focus on how brushing is good for the hair and what are the healthy ways of using and choosing the best hair brush for our dear crowning glory. 


Ikoo Collection

1. Use a brush with breathable bristles

When choosing a hair brush, always go for hair brush bristles that have wide spaces in between. Brushes of this kind will help you easily untangle your hair without hurting and pulling off your strands. It is also best to use a plastic hair brush because it is blunter for your hair. When using a detangling brush, always start from the ends going upwards.

IKOO E-STYLER PRO is an e-styler brush with breathable and long bristles. These hair brush types are healthy for the hair and scalp. It can be used either as a straightening hair brush or a styling hair brush for curly hair. The Ikoo e-styler pro is ergonomically designed both for right and left handed users and professionally made either for salon or personal use. Its ceramic technology evenly distributes the heat for broad sections of hair which is perfect for quick styling. You can choose between E-Styler Pro Platinum White or E-Styler Pro Beluga Black


2. Brush your hair only when it’s dry

This is something that we wish we knew earlier. We just use whatever hair brush and comb is within our reach every after bath. Our hair stretches up to twice or thrice its normal length when it’s wet. Brushing your hair while it’s still wet may cause your hair to snap like a rubber band. If you feel it’s inevitable, it is suggested to apply conditioner and comb your hair while in the shower.

IKOO PADDLE X POPS BRUSHES is a hair brush for women that is designed  even for your wet hair. Brushing your hair with Ikoo Paddle hair brush provides painless and harshless styling, giving your scalp a healthy massage for every stroke. Its X ventilation allows your hair to breathe from high temperature making it possible to achieve silky and voluminous hair. 

Ikoo Paddle X Pops Brush is available in Love Affair, Beluga Black, and Manhattan Colors

Ikoo E-styler Jet

3. Brush only twice a day 

Hair brush experts recommend brushing the hair only twice a day. In the morning and in the evening. The case is different for women who have curly hair. For curly hair, brushing up to three times a day is considerable, in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. 

Brushing our hair too much can damage the hair cuticle and may cause split ends. Imagine your hair like a wool sweater, brushing it several times a day will wear it out. Brushing our hair is inevitable especially when we’re outdoors, trying to fulfill our multiple appointments within the day. 

Ikoo’s E-styler Jet is your to-go brush. Its small and handy feature helps you to conveniently bring it anywhere to get an instant smooth, shiny, and tamed hair anytime. The more tamed your hair is, the less you have to brush your hair within the day. It is also gentle on the hair with its adjustable temperature. Best thing about this electric hair brush is its most convenient function that allows you to save your frequently used setting for a less-hassle use. 

Choose your to-go brush in Black or in Jet Lavender Macaron

4. Brush your hair the proper way

Brushing your hair isn’t just good for your hair but it also provides healthy benefits for the scalp. Hair brush is good for the scalp because when we brush, the natural oil is evenly distributed, giving our hair a shiny finish look. You might already know we normally have a hair fall, brushing is a good way to remove fallen hair. 

Brushing can also impose good blood circulation on our scalp that encourages hair growth. Experts say that one healthy way to brush our hair is by turning your head upside down and brushing it from the nape going down the side of the crown, gently moving to the front hairline. Repeat the same process while standing up straight.

Ikoo offers a Metallic Brush Collection that is designed based on traditional Chinese massage technique. For every brush using the Metallic Brush, you are giving your scalp a relaxing massage resulting in more hair benefits. 

This hair brush for every hair type is available in metallic shades of Cherry, Oyster, Pacific, Soleil, and Rose

5. Wash your brush regularly

Our brushes can be filled with fallen hair and dust and if you fail to clean it regularly, you are putting back the dust on your hair. Ikoo products are made of acrylic bristles that are easy to clean with just soap and water. (applicable only to non-electronic brushes.) Make it a habit to clean not just your hair but also your favorite brush.

Ikoo is a hair brush brand that has unique types of hair brush to complement your daily hair care routine. You will never look at hair brushing as simple as you did before. Big thanks to Ikoo for giving us the hair equipment that we need. Let’s help each other glow up by brushing off our bad habits and sharing these tips with your girlfriends.