Hair Care Tips for Your Coarse and Curly Hair

When rebonding was introduced to women, many were willing to go after the trend and leave their natural hair behind. Why not? A rebonded hair is more convenient because it can save us all the time from styling and taming it. It was however a relief that over the years, women finally got over the fad and are finally embracing their natural waves and curls. 

All women are beautiful because we are crowned with our uniqueness - our hair, but because we have different hair types, some require extra care and effort. Those are the ones gifted with curly and coarse hair. Celebrate your hair type with these curly hair tips.

Coarse Hair
Comb your hair correctly

Combing is the most basic care that we can do for our hair but it can also be the most abusive when done incorrectly. Always choose wide tooth combs, there are combs or brush for curly hair that have bigger gaps between each tooth to allow a bigger amount of hair to pass through. 

When detangling the hair, always start from the bottom going up to avoiding fraying your hair. The best way to detangle your hair is during shower. Cleanse your hair with Matrix Curl Please Daily Shampoo and condition with Matrix Curl Please Daily Conditioner. Comb it before rinsing the conditioner.

Our hair stretches up to three times its original length when wet, combing it after shower may cause your hair to rubberize and may destroy your curly patterns. 


Do not over cleanse

Textured hair needs more nourishment from natural oil compared to other hair types. Experts recommend to avoid washing the hair daily to avoid stripping off the healthy oil on the hair and scalp. However, this depends on different factors such as sebum production, scalp moisture, and daily activities. This is why you should invest in curly hair products.

The sulfate free formula of Devacurl Low-Poo Original Mild Lather Cleanser gently cleanses the hair without removing natural oil so curly hair can maintain its beautiful bounce and shine. 

Devecurl has an amazing product line dedicated for your curls. From cleansers, to conditioners, to stylers, they know how to keep up with the curly craze. 


Do not skip conditioner

Every hair type needs hydrating. That thing we no longer need to explain. Curly and coarse hair needs more nourishment because of their special structures. Excessive brushing, different chemicals, and heat styling can extremely damage and exhaust the hair. 

Devacurl Heaven in Hair Divine Deep Conditioner is your curly hair conditioner. Its nourishing formula instantly replenished dry curls so they can be easier to style and manage. 

While for coarse hair, go for an exceptional cleanliness and refreshment on the hair and scalp with Tea Tree Oil by Paul Mitchel. Let your hair breathe with the natural tea tree oil while giving your hair an exceptional smoothness and shine. 


Use cold shower

Warm baths are always the most relaxing but not for the hair. Cold showers are preferred by our hair because it keeps the hair cuticles shut, locking in the moisture and color (for color-treated hair) that Redken Mega Soft provides. 

Redken Mega Soft is a hair care system for extremely dry and coarse hair. It is complete with pre-shower care (Recovery Mask Cap),  shampoo, conditioner, after shower (RedKen Mega Mask) and styling care needs (Hydramelt).


Prepare your hair for styling

Common mistake when doing our daily hair care routine is that it ends right after the shower. Curly and Coarse hair are more sensitive than other hair types especially when frequently styled using chemicals and hot sterling equipment. 

How to style a curly hair is always a problem. Hydrate, define, and protect your hair while styling with the Morroccanoil hair care line that has wide selections for your hair needs. 

Protect your hair while sleeping 

While some are doing everything to get rid of their curls, some keep on looking for ways on how to maintain their curly hair. Yes, your hair can also be damaged even when sleeping. To prevent this, switch to satin bed sheets and pillowcases. Satin cloth is known to be less harsh on the hair because of its smooth texture. If you are not used to sleeping on satin cloth, you may rather wrap your hair in satin to protect it during sleeping. 

Follow these tips with these professional curly hair products to maintain your beautiful curls everytime everywhere.