Men's Hair

Gone were the days when we would stereotype genders with their self care. Like skin and hair care things were just for women and men don’t pay attention to it at all. Let’s not forget that caring for your hair and scalp is still part of maintaining our proper hygiene that every gender should regularly do. 

When Shampooing

Tea Tree

Proper way of using a shampoo should be included in men's hair care basics. While women are known for having too much attention to their hair, we all know that men’s hair also requires special care because they are naturally more oily than women. However, experts recommend not to overuse shampoo. 

If you are trying to get rid of the grease, go for shampoo that is made to strengthen and balance the hair. If eliminating the oil is already a hassle for you, then switch to 3-in-1 Tea Tree Shampoo, Conditioner and Bodywash of American Crew. A few amounts of tea tree extract on your shampoo can prevent oil and chemical build up on the scalp which causes dandruff. 

Washing your hair daily is not recommended as it can wash off natural oil that nourishes the hair. But if you’re too oily, American Crew’s 3-in-1 item is best for you as it has moisturizing benefits for your hair and skin. Always carry this in your bag so you can always take a quick shower and freshen up in just one wash wherever you go.

If you are looking for men's hair products for dry scalp, choose a moisturizing shampoo for your daily hair care selections so you can stop worrying about further drying your hair in every shower. 

When Conditioning

Daily Conditioner


Men should also use conditioner because men’s scalp and hair are more sensitive to environmental factors. After shampooing, rinse your hair with lukewarm water before applying the conditioner. It is not recommended to use piping hot water as it can strip off the natural oil while cold water can constrict the capillaries on your scalp and restrict healthy blood flow that prevents your hair from getting the nutrients it needs.

To maintain healthy hair, it is not enough to use these products alone. You should also stay away from other factors that are causing damage to your hair. The UV light from the Sun is the most damaging yet most neglected factor. Did you know that the chlorine used in swimming pools can also dehydrate your hair? This is why you should not skip the conditioning process. Before diving to the pool, you may add a small amount of conditioner to your hair to protect it from heat and chemicals. 

When Styling



Men are very detailed and careful when it comes to their hairstyle. They always know how to create a good finish look.

Gel Vs. Pomade

Gel is great for men's fine hair because it can create a lot of texture and thickness and provide a maximum hold than any other stylers for men. You can use men's hair gel if you want to achieve certain hairstyles like spikes or other complex hair styles. Another advantage in using a gel is that it is water based so it’s easy to rinse off.

One downside in using gel is that it can cause flaking and dandruff among men but not the American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel. If you prefer using a gel, simply apply it on a damp hair before styling. 


Pomade has a creamier formula than gel which makes it better for men with dry hair who want a flexible hold. The good thing about pomade is it doesn’t harden the hair so you can easily manage and restyle it throughout the day.

With pomade, you can go any style as you desire. Just apply American Crew Cream Pomade and work on your dry and towel dried hair and style as usual.

American Crew has a wide selection of pomades depending on the gravity of hold and style that you are trying to achieve. 

The only disadvantage of using Pomade is that it’s less easy to wash off. Experts suggest to apply shampoo on your dry hair to remove the remaining Pomade on hair and wet it to shampoo again.