You could be all glammed up for your most anticipated party but can still feel uncomfortable because you forgot to prepare the most important thing, your hair. You look stunning in your outfit that you have prepared a week before the event, and your belly’s not showing up but your hair won’t be tamed. Oh no! Would you still join the groufie?

The point here is that even if we didn’t want to, we sometimes neglect our hair. It’s like a plant, you can’t expect it to grow and stand still just because you watered it overnight. Our hair needs its daily watering too. 

Joico believes that there is Joi in having healthy hair that’s why they invested in creating these nourishing hair products so you can nourish your hair at home.

Moisture Recovery

Joico Moisture Recovery

Thirsty hair? Quench it with Moisture Recovery! The Moisture Recovery Line has a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment balm that is best for thick or coarse dry hair. The Moisture Recovery Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp without removing its vital moisture. It restores hair smoothness and elasticity. Follow your hair healing with the Moisture Recovery Conditioner that deeply moisturizes extremely dry hair. You will see your hair regaining its shine, softness, and smoothness every after use. 

To completely revive your nearly dying hair, add the healing powers of Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm. This treatment balm is your big-time moisturizer that will deeply hydrate the hair while also eliminating frizz.

This line reduces hair breakage up to 80%.

HydraSplash Hydrating

Joico HydraSplash

If Moisture Recovery is for thick, coarse dry hair, HydraSplash Hydrating is for fine to medium dry hair. 

HydraSplash Hydrating Shampoo gently cleanses the hair without stripping off the nourishment oil while HydraSplash Hydrating Conditioner detangles super fine strands leaving hair super soft and moisturized. 

Boost hair’s moisture without overpowering delicate strands with HydraSplash Gelee Masque. It provides up to 24-hour hydration leaving hair replenished, healthy, and shiny even after just one use! Apply it to clean damp hair and leave for 5 minutes. Wash and style as usual. For best results, follow it with the finishing touches of HydraSplash Replenishing Leave-In to reduce frizz. 

Joifull Care


Volumes up as we introduce the Joifull Care! This line consists of shampoo, conditioner, and styler made for fine, thin hair. 

The Joifull Care Volumizing Shampoo will give your hair a fuller, thicker, and bouncier look. This nourishing hair shampoo adds a lightweight body for up to 24-hour style retention. Use it with Joifull Volumixzing Conditioner to further strengthen and nourish your hair. It doesn’t only add shine but also leaves strands tangle-free, and serves as hair heat protectant 

Add the Joifull Volumizing Styler to your blowdry sessions to increase your hair’s body without making it stiff and crunchy. It protects hair from thermal damage and provides long-lasting humidity protection perfect when staying outside for longer hours. Just apply two pumps on your palm and apply it on hair before styling.

K-Pak Reconstructing Care


Last but the best among the rest, the K-Pak Reconstructing Care. K-Pak is the ultimate damaged-hair hero with its complete collection that will eliminate years of visible damage and prevent future damage. 

The K-Pak Reconstructive Shampoo instantly improves hair elasticity, shine, and strength while gently cleansing the hair and scalp. After shampooing, the 1-minute miracle of K-Pak Reconstructive Conditioner is all you need to revitalize your damaged hair. 

Hair repair doesn’t end with shampoo and conditioner alone. K-Pak Reconstructing Care is complete with different hair treatments to fit your hair’s special needs. 

K-Pak Reconstructor is your post-conditioning hair treatment that rebuilds damaged hair for instantly healthy-looking hair. Apply to hair and wash after 5 minutes, style as usual.

K-Pak Revitaluxe Restorative Treatment  is the answer to your years worth of hair problems. This restorative treatment is so powerful that it can actually repair years of visible damage and provides extra resistance to breakage. This universal treatment will deeply hydrate your hair making it look more healthy.

K-Pak Hydrator Intense Treatment is your ultimate hair thirst quencher. It heals the hair. It replenished lost moisture to dehydrated and damaged hair and secures the hair cuticle to prevent future damage. See as your hair becomes softer and shinier up to twice than it was!

Your hair will sing Joi to the world if you shower it with love and care using this Joico restorative and hydrating collections! Pick your favorite now and promise to give your hair the Joi it deserves!