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Good skills always make a good stylist. Salon sessions are exciting until you have to wait for your turn and sit for hours while waiting for your treatment to get done. A good stylist’s skill includes being approachable and entertaining which makes the salon experience a lot better. This is what Henry Meyers believed even when he was just starting, he loves making people’s salon experience the best. Kenra Platinum is the key in making salon experience the best!

Henry Meyers was a barber and entrepreneur when he purchased Kenra in 1959. 45 years later, he introduced the first Kenra Platinum collection to the industry. Since then, Kenra has been considered stylists’ favorite and was actually awarded its first Stylist Choice Award in 2012.

Here’s your guide in choosing Kenra Platinum's best shampoo and conditioner sets for your hair.

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Kenra Signature Prime Care

The Kenra Signature shampoo and conditioner is for every hair type. It primes the hair for ideal styling. It is made with Velvet Flower to boost hair elasticity and Purple Orchid to help the hair absorb most of the products’ benefit. 

You can have its Shampoo and Conditioner in their 1L pump bottles or in 150 ml bottles.


Kenra Detox and Deflect Care

Same with Kenra Signature, the Kenra Detox and Deflect Care is for all types of hair. From its name, its ingredients cleanse and detoxifies the hair from pollutants. Use these shampoo and conditioner everyday to prevent the hair from catching dust and other outdoor pollution. 

Stock your favorite with its 1L Shampoo and Conditioner or give it a try with the 250 ml bottles.


Kenra Luxe Shine Care

Experience the lustrous healing properties of Kenra Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner for damaged hair. It transforms lifeless hair of all types into a glamorous hair with a full body. This gold enriched hair care  will make your hair feel healthy and look elegantly shiny.

Get Kenra Luxe Shine Care Shampoo and Conditioner in 1L or 150ml.


Kenra Color Charge Care

If you prime in color treatments, Kenra Color Charge Care is your option. Its shampoo and conditioner for colored hair extends your hair color retention by locking the color pigment within your hair fiber. It has anti-fade technology that can preserve your color vibrancy and brilliance up to 50 washes.

Protect your colored hair at all costs with Kenra Color Charge in 1L or 250ml bottles.


Kenra Restorative Care

Kenra Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner is for damaged and brittle hair. It deeply repairs the hair from within with its Amino Acids that helps restore broken bonds. It adds to hair elasticity and durability giving it the maximum strength it can achieve.

Store 1L of Kenra Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner for everyday care. Also available at 250ml.


Kenra Thickening Care

Kenra Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner for fine, thin hair increases hair diameter for every wash but provides weightless dimension and lift to still make it easier to style. It imparts hair body and fullness to your dull hair. It protects brittle strands up to 24 hr humidity protection.

Give that dull hair a new life with Kenra Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner in 1L and 250 ml bottles.

You can now professionally keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny with Kenra Platinum Collections. Not sure which one to get yet? Ask your stylist, they always know best.


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