Joico for Color Treated Hair

Dyeing your hair is fun until you have to worry about reviving every colored hair tips from the damage that the strong chemicals have left you with. That should never be the case because with Joico, dealing with your hair should always be joyful.

Joico extends the joi to the world by offering their colored hair care bundles that will bring “The Joi of Healthy” hair to every woman. Let’s get the party started as Comebackdude introduces you to the Joico Color Care Collections.


Joico Defy Damage Care

Joico Defy Collection

Joico Defy Damage Care Line is celebrating its joiful anniversary of giving protection to hair. This line universally protects the hair without fading its color. Its Defy Damage Protective Shampoo gently eliminates the dirt and on the hair and scalp without fraying the hair cuticle. 

Boost your color-treated hair’s moisture and see how soft, shiny, and healthy it is after every application of Defy Damage Protective Conditioner

The colored hair home remedies doesn’t end with shampooing and conditioning alone, Defy Damage Protective Masque instantly repairs and replenishes the colored hair for as fast as a few minutes! Just apply to damp hair and wash after 5 minutes. Complete the Defying process with Defy Damage Protective Shield by applying it on hair before blow drying or styling. This colored hair heat protectant will safely coat the hair from the heat and other environmental factors. 

This care line is best for women who frequently do hair dyes. Expect up to 4x hair resistance!


Joico Blonde Life Care

Joico for Blond

Joico made sure that every hair type will receive the joi it deserves, more especially for our blonde hair or colored hair with higlights that need more care!

What else could we ask for a shampoo that gently cleanses yet keeps our blonde on its best? We’re more than satisfied with Blonde Life Lightening Shampoo! And while we spend more days after the bleaching day, our hair gets more dry and dull worsened by the outdoor dust and styling heat, keep that dear blonde hair bright and polished with Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner.

Conditioning alone won’t be enough, apply the Brightening Masque to your clean damp hair and rinse after five minutes. Make sure to protect your hair at work or when planning to go out. The Blonde Life Brightening Veil is the best way to end your colored hair care. Spray it before styling to protect the hair from heat styling and UV light outside.

As the name suggests, this collection is specially made for blonde hair.


Joico K-pak Color Therapy Care

Color Therapy Joico

If you skipped the first two color hair kits because you are looking for a more intense color care product, then you just found the K-pak Color Therapy Care. The K-pak Color-Protecting Shampoo restores color-treated hair by improving its shine and elasticity. It doubles hair resistance against combing breakage when used with a Color-Protecting Conditioner. These Joico color-treated shampoo and Joico color-treated conditioner keep the hair clean and hydrated by keeping your color vibrant and long-lasting.

Since colored hair needs more than just double care, Joico includes a pre-shampoo treatment in this care line, the Luster Lock Treatment. It prepares the hair from the unnecessary reaction from shampooing. It makes the hair stronger up to 9x and boosts its color vibrancy. The Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Spray got you covered for the post-shampoo care. In just a few mist, it instantly detangles the hair which is good in lessening your hair brushing. Use this before styling your hair to give it a daily dose of shine UV protection.

Dyed hair can often look so dry but not with a Joifully treated hair. 1 to 2 pumps of Luster Lock Glossing Oil can regain your hair’s brilliant look. It is not just physically beneficial because this lightweight oil will also make your hair more dust resistant and vibrant.


Joico Color Balance

Joico Toning Care

Many are still confused on what Purple and Blue Shampoo are and when it should be used.

If you are trying to achieve blonde or gray hair but not satisfied because there are strands that are left brassy and yellowish, you should use the Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. These two help neutralize these unwanted tones. The Purple Shampoo repairs the color-treated hair while boosting its vibrancy. The Purple Conditioner continuously neutralizes the yellow and brassy tones leaving the bleached hair shiny and manageable.

The Blue and Shampoo and Conditioner work best for colored hair with highlights and lightened brunettes in removing the unwanted orange tones. The Blue Shampoo instantly neutralizes orange shades while reducing the frizz. The Blue Conditioner helps neutralize the brassy tones and adds to hair’s shine and manageability.

The Color Balance products can preserve 89% of the hair color up to 8 weeks!

Coloring has been more Joiful than ever since Joico era. May you enJoi your dyed hair more than ever with Joico’s color care products. Joico is how you keep dyed hair healthy.